Here’s a set of my favorite dharma and recovery catalogs. The folks I used with were a massive part of my life associated with my addiction. This book takes you individually or as a group in a step by step study through each of the 12 steps as it corelates specifically for sexual habit restoration. Women will learn to experience their sexuality as a source of love and positive power, and love-making as an expression that honors the soul as well as the body. This empowering guide helps women process their sex history, understand their current sexual selves, and reclaim their sexuality from remorse, shame, and addiction.

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In the event you have specific needs or struggles within your recovery, there is a second way you can use this book. Author Dr. Urschel was a guest on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV show speaking about his new, revolutionary, science-based program for addictions recovery. “A Woman’s Dependency Workbook: Your Guide to Complex Healing” was published in 2002. For many people, even those outside of recovery, reading and interpreting the Bible can be a challenging task. In Mind-Body Workbook for Habit, Stanley Block, MD, Carolyn Bryant Block, and founder of the popular Included Recovery Program, Guy du Plessis, present an impressive and clinically proven mind-body bridging technique to help you stay sober, control emotions and stress, and eventually build a better life.

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The Rewired Workbook helps readers to discover new healing strategies and coping methods ideally suited for those trying to achieve true and lasting sobriety. Whether you wager, admit to a playing addiction, or love a gambler, this book will open your eyes to gambling craving symptoms, the signs of gambling addiction, and the gambling craving cure. Hopeless, Lee looked to Gamblers Anonymous’ Twelve Step program and commenced his 15 year journey to recovery. This reprint of the 1989 workbook provides an unique set of organized forms and exercises to help recovering people integrate the Twelve Steps into all aspects of their lives, designed with love-making addicts and co-addicts in mind.
Discusses sexual, romance and relationship addictions as seperate addictions and shows how each is related – how they socialize and support each other; explores how each functions as an attempt to flee intimacy; discusses the idea of co-dependent and co-sex addict, how addictive human relationships are formed, healthy closeness and the recovery from each of these habits. This book explores the after effects of child sexual abuse. The coauthor penalized Intimate discusses the impact of unfaithfulness on personal relationships and explains how couples can overcome anger, jealousy, disgrace, and other negative thoughts to reaffirm personal well worth and promote healing.
Whether the reader has or still has a playing craving and wants to understand what caused or causes it, has a close friend or family affiliate with a machine gaming addiction, or just comes with an overwhelming curiosity of the psychology behind gambling addition, this book provides startling insight into the cycle. The workbook really has made me re-evaluate my life and helped me through some tough times already. ‘ — N. D. In fact, if you have a book in mind that folks should read, send it to us! Once again, you begin with the negative (blame) and progress to find out about restoration (Step Two), reconciliation (Steps Eight and Nine), and areas relating to relationships (Steps 8-10, Nine, and Twelve).
This is a great book to get your hands on if you wish to further your understanding of the triggers and conditions of dependency both personally and societally, and also dive further into the impact trauma plays into the formation and perpetuation of the cycle addiction. This book, written by a psychotherapist who specializes in working with lesbian and gay men couples, offers clear, thoughtful advice and counseling on the internal and external problems faced by two men or two women as they create a life together.